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Web Development

I've done a fair amount of web dev, usually focusing on back-end aspects but I've been trying out a few front-end projects in my spare time.

In a few of my blog posts, I talk about SEO optimization and making your own portfolio website step-by-step. If you're new to programming, want to show off some achievements, or just need another thing to add to your resume, that article is a great place to start.

This website and a new project I'm working on in relation to The Gray Area have been my latest projects involving front-end development.

This website was a trial run of using some new front-end libraries, and I've got the source code up at if you're interested.

I build websites using the following frameworks and tools:


When I'm not blogging or developing web apps, I'm hacking. Finding P1 vulnerabilties is a phenomenal feeling when you're bug hunting for hours, days, sometimes weeks at a time.

Hacking is awesome, whether it's surfing the dark web, building custom malware, or just generating some more income through bug bounties. I've learned a ton about securing your data online and making it harder for black-hat hackers (the bad ones) to hack you, and I've even programmed website hacking scripts to automatically pen-test websites for vulnerabilties.

To learn more about what hacking really means and how to stay safe online, check out Creating 'The Hacker' .

Here's a few tools I use relating to cybersecurity:


I submit my best articles to my publication, The Gray Area (600+ followers). Programming tips, cybersecurity software, bug bounties, you name it.

I post new articles every day on my regular profile (2000+ followers) though, and I've got a few different social media accounts where you might see them if you follow me.

Medium: @grahamzemel

Twitter: @grahamzemel

TGA's Twitter: @tgaonmedium

If you subscribe to get my posts via email using this link , you'll be the first to know whenever I find something neat or publish a new article.

If you'd like to really contribute to my writing (or my skillset as a developer), you can grab a tier on my Patreon and get access to private newsletters, private source code for projects, and even personal contact info.