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Crypto Token Template



This project was created as a template for web3 developers to build custom cryptocurrencies on the ERC20 blockchain.

It was a really neat process to create my own cryptocurrency, and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to share the code with others in case they wanted to do something similar, and the instructions are inside of the Github repo for those who would like to use it.

You can modify the code any way you want, and it may take a little bit of tinkering on the REMIX IDE website which is where everything will be deployed and created.

Crypto programming in Solidity with Remix

Once you create a token, you’ll need to manually suggest/post it onto token listing websites. If you popularize it enough, you might start to see people investing and the graphs will gain some traction.

Some sites to list your tokens on for free:

Right when you start out I’m pretty sure it’s automatically listed: Poocoin

Important for liquidity and smaller token/coin trading: PancakeSwap

If you gain a good following and it becomes fairly popular: CoinMarketCap

Next Project

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I created multiple scripts for physical pen-testing using my Bash Bunny, a hotplug attack tool. The bash bunny is one of the most powerful physical attack vectors I’ve ever used, running quick payloads and utilizing tons of futuristic-type capabilities.