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Hecker Bot



This telegram bot that I coded from scratch automates hacking processes for bug hunting and general cybersecurity purposes.

Right now, it’s main functionality is obtaining the address and owners of a house with just a last name and town.

I’ve recently updated it to work in more states, and if you’d like to give it a try check it out here . I’ll start adding reverse-address capabilities and other features in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact me and suggest features too, I’m always open to improvements.

The source code is really interesting to look at, however some of the services don’t want a lot of traffic so I can’t publicly disclose it. For a select few willing to contribute, you can purchase it here:

I used a couple different services for hosting and such, and it’s one of my favorite projects. If you’re into cybersecurity, I recommend purchasing access to the source code and seeing what you can add.

Previous Project

Bash Bunny



I created multiple scripts for physical pen-testing using my Bash Bunny, a hotplug attack tool. The bash bunny is one of the most powerful physical attack vectors I’ve ever used, running quick payloads and utilizing tons of futuristic-type capabilities.

Next Project

A hacking tool built for the bug hunters, Web Heck Scanner is a compilation of 3 popular hacking tools and 5 components that hands you bugs on a silver platter.