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Hosting Template



This is a simple, barebones template repository that is intended for use with my post on creating your own portfolio website .

This was a really fun post to write because I tried to make it as detailed as possible, that way anyone could follow it. Even if you weren’t a programmer and wanted to host achievements of some sort or cool videos.

I found the easiest way to get a website with your name on it (like was going to Hostinger and purchasing a decent package, and then upload your own files to it as a portfolio type site.

Github hosting tutorial

If you’d like to make your website look nice and polished, or even just upload some template code, for beginners I suggest going over to Github and searching for some neat portfolio website templates. Or, you’re welcome to use this website and modify it, just be sure to give credit if you do and leave the copyright in the sidebar.

If you’re a moderately-skilled or advanced developer, I suggest coding a site yourself (yes, it’s a lot of work but worth it), or go to for some inspiration.

Previous Project

A hacking tool built for the bug hunters, Web Heck Scanner is a compilation of 3 popular hacking tools and 5 components that hands you bugs on a silver platter.

Next Project

This was a simple Python script for parsing data from hacked sites. Check out some hacking write-ups for vulnerabilities like IDORs, XSS, Broken Access Control, and more on The Gray Area !