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IDOR Automation



This was a simple Python script for parsing data from hacked sites. Check out some hacking write-ups for vulnerabilities like IDORs, XSS, Broken Access Control, and more on The Gray Area !

I post a bunch of my bug-bounty endeavors on my Medium blog, so if you want to learn about things like MFA Bypass , Open-Redirect Exploitation , and Finding P1 Bugs .

IDOR with Python

Utilizing a few of the tools I’d become familiar with, I ended up hacking a website for PII disclosure with IDORs (Insecure Direct Object Reference), and was able to quickly exfiltrate data with this tool.

If you’re not familiar with hacking but still find it interesting and want to learn more, check out The Road to Professional Red-Team Hacker .

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Hosting Template



This is a simple, barebones template repository that is intended for use with my post on creating your own portfolio website .

Next Project

A quick and fun automation bot that posts each new article from my publication, The Gray Area , onto Twitter. It requires no user interaction on my part, all I have to do is publish the article.