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Text Cloaker



A website to cloak your AI-generated text from those nosy detectors! 100% effective, free, and fast. View the tool here , and check out the chrome extension here, and review the Privacy Policy here .

This is a neat project I made that inserts specific characters into text with Google Docs APIs with a very specific algorithm, altering the data it so that AI detectors will not parse the document properly. As a result, any AI detector will identify the document as being written entirely by a human, as tested on ZeroGPT, CopyLeaks, and many more.

TextCloaker Google Extension

Previous Project

The winning project 👑 for the healthcare track in the MetroHacks 2022 hackathon. A 24 hour project based on furthering healthcare accessibility. Web app made from Svelte, Tailwind, TypeScript, and utilizing a custom AI bot using Co:here natural language processing.

Next Project

An automated calculator Google Extension built to automatically calculate both weighted and unweighted GPAs of students through the gradebook. It’s available on the Chrome Web Store .